We Are : Exhibits

We’ll help you make a proper exhibition of yourself!

Sometimes it’s not just what you say, it’s how you look when you’re saying it.

Our Exhibit range gives you the tools to emphasise your message. For the first time, create enormous eye-catching displays… without the eye-watering price tag.

With investment in the very latest, high-end, direct-to-fabric printing technology, our production hub employs talented seamstresses and technicians, ready and skilled to turn your ideas into a fabric reality.

Seeing is believing, so drop by our studio and take a look at some examples and talk through your options.

Stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition!


We make big outdoor banners, pavement A-boards and massive feather flags for external attraction. Do you like the sign and window graphics on our studio? Our installation partners could do something equally impressive for your store or offices.


Events vary in size, so our exhibition options do too. Got a sales meeting and need a backdrop to set the scene? Fabric Displays are made up of two main components — a strong, lightweight, tubular aluminium frame and a printed fabric cover.
These ‘next generation’ displays deliver maximum impact and completely eliminate the problem of visible join lines on larger displays.
If you need assistance planning something bigger, just ask.

Point of sale

We print big posters, fast and on a range of materials from shiny gloss to Egyptian cotton. Mounted, laminated, whatever you need. Ask for low prices on poster frames, window rails and light boxes to display your gorgeous posters in.
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